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Title : The Acid Trance Queen

Genre : Techno

Energetic psychedelic Techno Trance track with heavy bass synth, bright melody, acid sound and fast beats. The atmosphere of the track is groovy and bouncy. Great for using in advertising, club and party videos and after-movies, nightclub, promos, festivals, openers, extreme and sport videos.

Title : Euro Techno Com

Genre : Techno

Dynamic and rhythmic Techno track. Perfect for energetic, dynamic, powerful video projects, corporate films, presentations, fashion.

Title : Nostra Damus DnB

Genre : Drum and Bass

Drum & Bass energetic and motivational track with hope and joy.

Title : Chill Technology

Genre : Techno

Energetic and chill techno sound with a strong beat. Great for technological portfolios, tech and scientist content.

Title : Voltaire

Genre : Techno

A piece of dynamic Techno Music.

Title : Vegarev

Genre : Techno

Old School Electro music with a dark mood and a psychedelic touch.

Title : The Rising

Genre : Techno

Happy and inspiring Electro track with a beautiful melody, very cool and hypnotic, that will fit great for many different multi-media projects from TV, Web and Radio.

Title : No Space Cake

Genre : Techno

Electro House track with nice beats. This track is perfect for any positive energy driven project.

Title : Alpha Line

Genre : Techno

Electro House track with power sounds for an urban or sport mood. The music is also perfect for any positive energy driven project as corporate videos, commercials, cinema, advertisement, movie trailer.

Title : Timelapse

Genre : Drum and Bass

This track could be useful with corporate or documentary videos related to science or technology and would be also ideally suited to a timelapse of video.

Title : Shiny Techno

Genre : Techno

A bold, melodic and dynamic Techno Trance track, with a fast and powerful rhythm beat, space sound and lush synthesizer pads.

Title : Entrapment

Genre : Techno

A Techno Rave track to illustrate extreme sports projects.