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Hand-Picked professional music for videos, YouTube, film and commercials.
Stylish compositions to enhance your corporate or personal projects.

 March 2023 best selling stock music :
Title : Beautiful Journey

Genre : Corporate

Uplifting pop composition with a positive atmosphere and beautiful melody played on electric guitar, bass and drums. Perfect choice for any corporate, presentation and motivational videos, success stories and more.

Title : Climb Higher

Genre : Corporate

Energetic corporate track ideal for marketing and advertising of all kinds and has a wide commercial appeal. Also perfect for inspirational, motivational or uplifting projects!

Title : Cheerful Days

Genre : Corporate

Uplifting and motivational pop track that will fill you with joy, optimism and happiness. Great for corporate and inspirational business projects.

Title : Smooth Presentation

Genre : Corporate

Uplifting and smooth lounge track expressing easiness and success. Great choice for motivational and corporate projects.

Title : Epic Uplifting Movie Trailer

Genre : Epic & Cinematic

The music starts with a smooth piano motive and slowly builds to an epic orchestral ending.

Title : Rock Your Life

Genre : Rock

Fast and energetic indie rock music, with distorted guitars, powerful bass and punchy drums. The track is great for wide range of media such as commercial, sport and motivational corporate video.

Title : Premiere Arabesque - Claude Debussy

Genre : Piano

Arabesque 1 by French composer Claude Debussy is a floating and reflective, featuring solo piano that create a calm mood. It has a beautiful, mysterious and enchanting mood suitable for romantic, gentle and magical atmospheres.

 Check out the newest royalty free stock music, March :
Title : Electronica Victory

Genre : Electronica

Here is powerful and positive music inspiring a feeling of joy and victory. YouTube LUFS targeted.

Title : Happy Easy Listening

Genre : Easy Listening

Positive and joyful Easy Listening music inspired by 60s prods, with brass, organ and a swinging bass and drum. YouTube LUFS targeted.

Title : Hear this Funky Tape

Genre : Groove

A vintage 70s Euro Disco theme, a groovy track, uplifting and catchy for the kings of the dance floor! Perfect for any kind of throwback and positive videos, TV commercials, presentations, anything retro! YouTube LUFS targeted.

Title : Mood for Love

Genre : Lounge

This beautiful and romantic song is full of tenderness and the calm atmosphere. In the track there are an electric piano, Electro Lounge sounds, in the style of Trip Hop. YouTube LUFS targeted.

Title : Synthwave Triumphant March

Genre : Synthwave

Here is powerful Synthwave modern composition with the atmosphere of the 80s, a neon mood, powerful drums and futuristic synthesizers that create a retro VHS mood. Great fit for intro, cars, travel, technology, game production, advertising, fashion, podcasts, financial, YouTube, Instagram. YouTube LUFS targeted.

Title : Lounge Ballad

Genre : Lounge

A warm Lounge music with a calm atmosphere. This smooth and relaxing chill out track with deep atmosphere will be a good background for advertising, travel or corporate video. YouTube LUFS targeted.

Title : Pop Rock Garage

Genre : Pop Rock

A happy and energetic garage pop rock track featuring punchy and edgy electric guitars, and driving upbeat drums with a 60s and 70s mood. Perfect for use in commercials, YouTube videos, corporate videos, extreme sports videos and anything needing a jolt of in-your-face happiness and positivity! YouTube LUFS targeted.

Title : Chill and Relax

Genre : Lounge

A chill and relax Electronica track. This dreamy and peaceful music is calming, atmospheric and meditative, sensual, airy and sensitive, heartwarming, easy and tender, touching and heartwarming. YouTube LUFS targeted.

Title : Magic Christmas

Genre : Christmas

This is a magical piece for a Christmas mood with an orchestral background and traditional Santa Claus bells. YouTube LUFS targeted.

Title : Upbeat Synthwave

Genre : Electro

Energetic and positive Synthwave Retrowave track with deep bass arpeggios, digital 80s drums, atmospheric leads and synthetic brass riff. Perfect powerful track for inspirational and motivational videos, advertising, modern commercial projects, sports, advertising corporations engineering and other. YouTube LUFS targeted.

Title : Happy Classical Orchestra

Genre : Seasonal

Beautiful, light and happy classical orchestral composition with positive and inspiring mood. Perfect for positive videos, cinematic projects, advertising, documentary and corporate projects, Christmas. YouTube LUFS targeted.

Title : Cocktail Lounge

Genre : Lounge

Laid-back and elegant Cocktail Lounge music. Very contemporary for a sophisticated lounge bar atmosphere. Will be great for a background in Advertisement, Videos, Business presentations, Promo, Commercial, Slide shows. YouTube LUFS targeted.

Title : Rain Dance

Genre : Electronica

Positive and rhythmic electronica music. This elegant composition is dedicated to innovation and High Tech. YouTube LUFS targeted.

Title : Bittersweet Epic

Genre : Epic

Here is a proud and serene orchestral composition with a calm and cinematic tone and a subdued epic climate.

Title : 90s Euro Electro

Genre : Electro

This 90s Electro track (YouTube LUFS targeted) is ideal as background music for technological video, industrials presentations, space, sports and all projects about high-tech and corporate communication.

Title : Lo-fi Hip Hop

Genre : Hip Hop

A track featuring electric piano with Lo-fi effects, strings and groovy Amen Break beat.Perfect for urban hip-hop culture, vinyl, travel, drone, sport, slow motion, commercial and other wide variety of uses. Give elegant and positive mood to your video project.

Title : Electro Psycho Ibiza

Genre : Electro

Electro Synthwave music with motivational and House mood. Give warm and positive mood to your video project (YouTube LUFS targeted).

Title : Timelapse Ballad

Genre : Cinematic

Majestic and positive music ideal for timelapse and other drone views.

Title : Funky House

Genre : Disco Funk

Positive Disco House music for your corporate project. Funky track with a retro VHS mood from 70s and 80s.

Title : Electro Disco Fashion

Genre : Electro

Positive Electro Disco track is suitable for all kinds of projects. This upbeat composition grooves with funky bass, groovy drums, piano, rhodes, vintage synth and claps. Great for fashion, party, club, dance, sport and other.

Title : Chill Electro Lounge

Genre : Electro

Catchy, Electro Lounge track with cool beats, EDM leads, strings synths, claps and vocal bits. This modern tune will fit perfectly in science video, fashion, time-lapse video or urban contents.